Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Pentakill !

This post will be boring and confusing to those who do not play League of Legends.
You may now say "I thought he deleted LoL?" - yes I did but that game is too funny and adictive to quit it forever. So anyhow I was at a Lan Party from thursday till today and we decided to play LoL.
The game was quite good and I got a bit fed at my lane. So later it came to teamfight in front of their base. We were fighting and gave our best. After a short while they all were dead. Then my friend said "Hey you got a pentakill" "lol what? niiiiiiiiice"


Pentakill = 5 kills in a row
Hard thing to achieve. Btw my stats were 11 2 5 before the fight started and then 16 2 5 :)

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Five star cook

Short post today.
I was hungry, had to workout and wanted to make a proteinrich meal which is fast, easy and tasty. So I wanted to boil eggs. No big deal. This is what happens when men cook:


tab-click to enlarge

Well alright I am not that bad. I can heat up beans, fry turkey breast and even fish. Normally I can do eggs also but this time anything went wrong.
Oh by the way when you want to see somethin real tasty you should check out Munchies blog .

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Tornado in Joplin USA

I just watched the news and saw that a giant tornado was over the USAmerican town Joplin.
The pictures I saw were insane. There was this scene , from the view of a helicopter, where you see all the former houses. Totally destroyed. Some burnt, others leaked gas. I recommend that you google some pictures and see how bad those ppl were hit. Many of them don't even have insurances. So many lifes were destroyed that day. :-(

Looks like a sci-fi end of the world movie. The hospital.

At the following link you can see the stormchaser on his work. At 1:25 you can shortly see how broad the tornado was. I hope that not too many ppl died there.
Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski
Interesting Stormchaser report of Discovery Channel  watch this. At 1:40 you won't believe your eyes.

Update: As I read in the newspaper the storm killed 90 people but it is  likly that more people will be found dead. The storm was 1 kilometer broad. The patients in the hospital survived.

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Zombie Survival

I know I didn't want to post again because I said good bye till sunday but I just read this and wanted to share it with you:

As some of you might know the end of the world is tomorrow.... according to an USAmerican radical christian cult. So as a reaction to this the CDC (Center for Disease Control - USAmerican agency) posted a tutorial on how to survive a Zombie apocalypse.

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

Pretty funny. I hope we all meet us here again. If not: cya in Heaven ;-)

Todays topic: Bundeswehr

Today I wanna talk about the Bundeswehr. The Bundeswehr is the German army and one of the biggest employer in Germany and that is a problem.
Germany has big financial, suprise suprise, problems like many European states. We are not close to a crysis but we have a lot of debts. (Thx to the Eurosaving found. A ton more now)
Well anyway our former minister of defence, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg who left the job because he cheated in his dissertation, started a programm to shrink the Bundeswehr: The Bundeswehrreform. This should , and will if done, lead to savings in the German state budget. The Bundeswehr shall shrink but get more powerfull. More powerfull with less tanks, with less airplanes and submarines. Oooookay.

Bundeswehr Logo

            Here a short list of what will happen to the Bundeswehr:

  • The Bundeswehr has now ~228.000 soldiers. The reform want to shrink that to 185.000. That means 43.000 soldiers will lose their jobs.
  • The Marine will lose 4 of their 10 submarines and 10 other combat ships like destroyer or mine searchers.
  • The Heer, ground forces,  would lose three brigade- and three divisionstaffs. (I hope I translated this correctly. There wasnt a word2word translation). According to Wikipedia we have currently 264 tanks of the type Leopard 2. The new plan will cut 64 of them.
  • The Luftwaffe, airforce, would lose 5 of their 13 Wings.

The Zivildienst , a social replacement to the Bundeswehr, will as well as the draft service be cancelled.
That means that a lot of social organisations will have huge problems to do their work correctly. But not just that. Hospitals, old people's homes, psychiatries and other supporting organisations will lack of people and therefor can not do the same work as done before.
This new reform should save 8.3 billion € but according to Der Spiegel, a big German magazine, will this reform only save 1.5 billion €

I am against the reform. I did Zivildienst and in my opinion this is a very important and good thing. Also savings on the lands defense ? Dangerous thing. This plus the 40.000 people who would lose their job make the reform to me unnecessary.

Let me know what you think about it! Do it? Don't do it? 

ps: After staying awake for 28 hours I slept 16 hours. I had a lot of dreams and was extremly confused when I woke up. Happened twice. The one thing I did not know where I was. The 2nd time I thought I cuddle my brother and my cat. 
Oh and I'm off till sunday. So have a nice weekend buddys :) 

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011


Good morning fellows.
It is 5:33 AM and I am awake since 1 PM (13:00) yesterday. The curious thing is that I do not try to stay awake. I just am. I am not tired. I did not yawn often and my eyes don't feel tired too.
I laied in bed for 3 hours and could not sleep. The TV did not help as well. I am unemployed so there is no event I could look forward too - which could hold me awake.
My family will stand up in roughly an hour and probably ask me what the heck I'm doing. Hm anyway at least there is some good report on the tv. It's about shipping nowadays.

I think I go running as soon as it's getting a bit warm. Maybe I'll get this natural high people talk about who are awake for a long time? :)

"Early to bed and early to rise , makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" (Benjamin Franklin)

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Bye Bye LoL

Today I deleted League of Legends from my Computer.
It is a great game for all of you who do not know it. It is a strategic game and can be played in 3vs3 or 5vs5. League of Legends (LoL) has its origin in the Warcraft 3 Map Defence of the Ancients (Dota) and is completly free. 
You have a level system where you go from level 1 to level 30. Once reached level 30 you have full access to all masteries which can give you different advantages like 5% more dmg or a lower cooldown for summoner spells.
Anyway I don't wanna give you an introduction to this game. I wanna talk about the reason why I did it.

I have very slow Internet. Only DSL1000 which means 124kb/s down. Because I still live at home I got other people who want to use the Internet too. So now imagine how less performance you can have when you share the connection with 2 others. Everybody has ~41kb/s which means: unplayable!
I had pings between 200 and 600. Couldn't move sometimes, not attack and my skills where totally useless (I played Brand - a hero where you have to aim).

I freaked out completly, kicked my trashbin in the room, screamed insults and hammered my mouse heavily on my desk. That is normal stuff which happened to my during my whole "gaming career". I wrecked 4 or 5 mouses (mice?) on this way and you can imagine that this is expensive. Each time 40€ for a new mouse? 
So this time my mx518 got damaged too. The left click sometimes double clicks and the "back" button is gone completly.
That's why I quit. I don't want this game to cost me more lifetime than it already has. I quit Counter-Strike successfully after 5 ultra intensive wasted years. I might come back to LoL again but at this time I've got enough of this.

This picture is a from the ingame - I screencaped it once because I think it's true.

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Euro Vision Song Contest

Hello again to my blog.
As you might now, or at least my European readers, the Euro Vision Song Contest ( ESC ) was mounted in Germany, Düsseldorf, this year.
The event took place on saturday the 14th of may. As every year the ESC is hosted in the winner country of last year. Lena won last year with her song Satellite and all of Germany was excited and wanted her to sing once again. (I didn't but who cares about what I think)

So anyhow - 25 countries participated. From Ireland, to Moldow and even Russia a lot of European (and non European) countries sang. The winner was Azerbaijan with their song "Running Scared". You can see it here. During the contest I thought "Oh man these poor guys. Such a romantic clichee pop song like Abba. I bet they won't win. They won't even get points for this."
You can imagine how I was like when they made the 1st place.

I'm a little bit dissapointed by Europe. I will present you my personal Top 3 here:

#1 Amaury Vassili from France with his beautifull classical song

#2 Maja Keuc from Slowenia - she is only 18 years old. Amazing...

#3 Paradise Oskar from Finland. Ecological contribution x)
There was a comment on one of the youtube videos that was like "I listen to death metal. Why am I watching this? Because it's amazing!" with 34 + thumbs or so. Too bad I don't find it anymore :( 

What do you think? Who was the best in your opinion?

If you wanna see the most beautifull eyes on this evening you should definite check out Lenas song - taken by a stranger

ps: excuse my bad writing.. feeling sick today and it seems as if my head doesn't work that well.

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Heavy fuckin Metal!

So I'm sitting here. Listening to Manowars "Hail and Kill" and relaxing in my way to hot room.
Winter's gone. Spring is slowly changing into summer. It's getting hotter each day and this makes me lookin forward to my favourite season of the year. The festival season! : )

This means: Heavy Metal Festivals, warm beer, filth, mud, crazy ppl, too much alcohol, a lot of fun and of course good music.

This year I'll go to Wacken Open Air , I guess you all did hear of this since it's the most famous festival, Rockharz and some smaller local ones. People ask me "Isn't that expencive?" and I'm afraid to say "Yes." but: it is worth it!
I pay for my ticket to Wacken 130€ + 60€ fuel + 50€ beer and food. But I stay there for 5-6 days and I see it as my holiday. And when you look at it this way then this will probably be one of the cheapest and best holiday trips you can imagine ;)

Playlist now arrived at Hammerfalls "Crimson Thunder" and I remember their life concert in 2009. So epic! The best concert I've seen so far.

I will add some pictures of former festivals I've been at. And at last I want to show you this track:
Youtube: Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder


Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Sick and Sport ? Yes !

Yesterday I felt a bit dizzy. I felt like I was only 50% there.
Anyway following my lifting routine it was about time for my pull day. My mother told me to relax and chill.. but what does she know lol.
There's a nice saying that I'd like to share "Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret" and this is 100% true.
I once was a chubby/fatty , then started with sports and watched my diet and now I feel waaaaaaay better than before.
So anyway back 2 topic. I lifted, felt good, and then went to 90minutes of football and hockey as well.
Was a good decision and afterwards I felt very good. But today my nose is runnin, my throat hurts a bit and is a bit slimy ( can i say it that way :P ) .
So: For a good regeneration do not do sports while being sick. But fuck that - we all wanna reach our goals. And for my goal sport is essential. This little sickness will be no problem. 

Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

1st entry

Alright fellas. This will be my first blog entry.
Never thought I'll do such a thing but I got some good Ideas and reasons why I should do this.

So anyway. Besides posting funny pictures, giving fitness related statements and fancy about my PRs I'll show you music, internets and what else there is.