Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Euro Vision Song Contest

Hello again to my blog.
As you might now, or at least my European readers, the Euro Vision Song Contest ( ESC ) was mounted in Germany, Düsseldorf, this year.
The event took place on saturday the 14th of may. As every year the ESC is hosted in the winner country of last year. Lena won last year with her song Satellite and all of Germany was excited and wanted her to sing once again. (I didn't but who cares about what I think)

So anyhow - 25 countries participated. From Ireland, to Moldow and even Russia a lot of European (and non European) countries sang. The winner was Azerbaijan with their song "Running Scared". You can see it here. During the contest I thought "Oh man these poor guys. Such a romantic clichee pop song like Abba. I bet they won't win. They won't even get points for this."
You can imagine how I was like when they made the 1st place.

I'm a little bit dissapointed by Europe. I will present you my personal Top 3 here:

#1 Amaury Vassili from France with his beautifull classical song

#2 Maja Keuc from Slowenia - she is only 18 years old. Amazing...

#3 Paradise Oskar from Finland. Ecological contribution x)
There was a comment on one of the youtube videos that was like "I listen to death metal. Why am I watching this? Because it's amazing!" with 34 + thumbs or so. Too bad I don't find it anymore :( 

What do you think? Who was the best in your opinion?

If you wanna see the most beautifull eyes on this evening you should definite check out Lenas song - taken by a stranger

ps: excuse my bad writing.. feeling sick today and it seems as if my head doesn't work that well.


  1. MAn, I agree with everything you said. I think it was all prearranged. And the most boring part is listening to stupid points announcement from countries. just too long

  2. Just checked out taken by a stranger, like it!

  3. I'll be sure to check out taken by a stranger. sounds interesting.

  4. Sorry but Eurovision is not my cup of tea but you made me to check some songs.

  5. I really like your personal picks. You have good taste!

  6. What do you have to say about the results? Satisfied? Personally i'm not...Nice blog btw